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About Us at i4mayaguez

Started in July of 1999, i4mayaguez set out to provide people traveling to Mayaguez with the easiest and most efficient hotel reservation service possible. We personally select and categorize every hotel listed on our site prior to offering those rooms for booking to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

On any given day, as many as 1,500 customers are trusting us with their secure hotel reservations online or by phone through our world-class call center. In fact as many as 25,500 unique visitors a day use our travel sites to review detailed hotel information, photographs, reviews and amenities and to book their discount hotel accommodations. Why book your hotel reservations on a generalized travel site when you can Trust a Mayaguez Specialist Instead!™

Our streamlined booking engine makes it easy to compare rates and availability at the best hotels in Mayaguez. And our two-step booking process will leave you feeling satisfied and relaxed. If you book with i4mayaguez, you can rest assured that you will be staying at one of the best resorts or casinos in the Mayaguez at the lowest possible cost.

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